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Our mission is to cater to our well-informed readers by giving them news, commentary, and analysis on sports in Kenya. We know you are passionate about sports, this is the place for the latest news and fleshy analysis of sports and events surrounding them. We adhere to high ethical and editorial standards while providing you with the juicy, factual and well-researched information about sports in Kenya.

Kenya is a hotbed of talent in athletics, rugby, and volleyball. It also produces great sportsmen in other sports like football. We are a team of sports experts who follow Kenyan sports keenly. With our passion for Kenyan sports and a wide network of reliable sources, we bring you news and give the inside story on what is happening within the sporting scene.

Athletics? Rugby? Wakenya ndio Kusema!

You definitely do not want to be left out of the action. Have you seen these sportsmen playing rugby? You just have to be there to understand and even take in their prowess! Kenyan sports are so advanced yet in some cases it is hard to trace all the action. We fill this gap with. The country has it all; consider its world-renowned athletics prowess and vibrant Rugby as well as Cricket teams. Kenya also boasts a strong volleyball team, and its other sports like tennis, golf and squash are quite advanced. 

As you can see, there’s a lot happening, we have not even touched on motorsports and boxing. With all these going on, we have ears that can catch exactly what is going on and bring you to speed. We not only keep an ear out for the latest news, we also take time to track the rich Kenyan talent all over the world. 

Did you know in some weeks as many as five Kenyans could be winning different marathons in various cities? We bring order to the confusion of too many sporting events by recording and presenting to you all the sports information concerning this sports rich country. Our website features updated information on the latest happenings in Kenyan sports in real time.

Expert Opinion

Get more than just information; we do an in-depth analysis of the sporting events that take place and give unparalleled insights. Find out all the background information on athletes, their tactics, and even their opponents.

Want to know the next big thing? Or predict the next winner, our analysis and commentary are fact-based to ensure the highest levels of accuracy possible when predicting how various individuals are likely to perform next time they hit the field.

Inside Story

We also follow the decision makers and sports stakeholders to dissect their decisions and actions. Then, we let you know what is happening behind the scenes and how it affects your favorite sport. You have probably wondered about the role of management in the various results that teams and individuals post. We are at the forefront examining the structures to bring exclusive information.

We also provide information about various teams before major events, keep you posted on who is fit, injured or off form, and of course, who to watch. We can tell who is likely to be the next big thing too, and even let you join the discussion and share your insights.


Get schedules for the latest sporting events, how to attend and how you can follow the action if you are not going to attend? This includes telling you who is live streaming, providing live commentary on the radio or even live text. We also offer exclusive content to our audience including interviews with your favorite stars.

With our digital offering, you can subscribe to receive the latest news, features, and interviews straight to your email so that you can follow your favorite sport even when you are on the go.


Keep fit or get into sport, with support from our community. We go the extra mile to help you keep fit, even if you don’t want to be a world beater, you can still achieve your fitness goals thanks to expert advice that you will receive from sports experts. We provide do-it-yourself tips to help you achieve your best in fitness and sports.

Along the journey following your favorite sports star, we take time to provide the best advice on how to exercise in every aspect from outfits to diets and even scheduling. Join our community and get more than just discussions on the latest events. We are here to support each other and have fun while at it.

To us, sporting events are just the culmination of long hours of practice, tactics and hard work. We take our readers on the journey and offer inspiration so that all can reap the benefits of keeping fit. We are people you can interact with, share with and cheer together.

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